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Prospective Student

Dear prospective students!

What should you expect from our faculty? First of all, the high level and modern methods of teaching foreign languages, which are provided by the highly qualified academic staff. There are PhDs and candidates of sciences, authors of modern manuals and monographs, lecturers from UK, USA, Germany and France among our teachers.

It is important!

Graduates obtain a state certificate of education of the university with the IV (highest) level of accreditation. Among our graduates there are philologists, teachers of foreign languages at higher educational institutions and all types of schools, translators, managers and employees at public institutions, private enterprises, in media.

It is interesting!

Our students win awards in All-Ukrainian olympiads in foreign languages and in student research paper competitions, get scholarships to study abroad.

It is advantageous!

As a second foreign language, you may learn German, English, French or Spanish and as a third one you may choose Spanish or Italian, additionally — Polish.

It is great!

Join the atmosphere of mutual respect, cooperation, collegiality and joint creativity at the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

It is comfortable!

Students may use laboratories and classrooms well equipped with modern desktop computers and laptops as well as rich video and audio library, satellite TV, Internet.

It is diverse!

Students of our faculty organize and conduct contests and amateur festive concerts, take part in the foreign languages singing club and dance classes, participate in humour and sport competitions having a record of victories in the competitions of different level up to the European and World Championship. Also they discuss rare films at the seminar classes, meet with famous politicians, actors, athletes.

We have everything for you to spend your time meaningfully and with interest!

Fundamentality and professionalism is our credo!

We are waiting for you at the Faculty of Foreign Languages!