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Faculty of Foreign Languages

Faculty of Foreign Languages is relatively young in comparison with the other faculties of the Donetsk National University. It was created in 1971.

Throughout the relatively short period of time it has become the leader in the region and occupied one of the first places in Ukraine along with the faculties of foreign languages at Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv and Odessa National Universities. Its achievements and high authority are due to the high professionalism and scientific achievements of its academic staff.

There are six departments at the faculty. Four of them award degrees and qualifications according to their areas of knowledge:

  • Department of Germanic Philology
  • Department of English Philology
  • Department of Romance Languages
  • Department of Theory and Practice of Translation

Many of our graduates continue their studies abroad. For most of them a foreign language is also a tool to obtain one or another promising speciality.

High level of language training, scientific literacy, obtained skills of organizational and creative individual work contribute to the rapid adaptation of graduates to the difficult conditions of the labor market.

The fields of professional activity of our graduates are extremely diverse. Traditionally, there is a great need for teachers of foreign languages at secondary schools, higher educational institutions and business enterprises. Now, due to the expansion of international economic relations, the demand for foreign languages professionals at private and public companies, translation agencies, local government bodies, as well as in the banking system, tourism business, media and publishing houses has considerably increased.