Mission, Vision, and Prospects

In accordance with the Development of the Strategy of the University 2017-2025, the mission of the faculty is to train a smart, competent and socially active individual – philologist, and psychologist. The mission also contributes to training a highly qualified specialist in demands of the domestic labor market. It includes education of responsible citizens, patriots of Ukraine with high spiritual and cultural level with the appropriate level of self-identification and self-realization.


The Faculty of Foreign Languages as a part of a modern classical university is:

  • one of the leaders of philological education in Ukraine, integrated into the European educational space, which meets the modern demands of the world labor market, internal and external stakeholders;
  • an environment with stable democratic traditions, a cult of knowledge and science, an atmosphere of creativity and cooperation;
  • worldview that provides opportunities for studying and organizing leisure on the principles of academic freedom and integrity, professional dignity and patriotism.

Prospects of the faculty in the context of realization of strategic priorities of the University includes:

  • upgrading philologists’ skills, who are able to properly represent the national science and culture of the world and professionally demonstrate their competencies;
  • improving the organization and quality of the educational process in compliance with the principles of academic freedom;
  • assisting in staff promotion and creating faculty’s positive image;
  • supporting academic authority of the faculty and developing student’s research; adhering to the principles of academic integrity;
  • developing cooperation in the international projects and programs; promoting academic mobility;
  • improving the supportive employment of graduates, concentrating on their professional careers.