Department of German Philology

Department of German Philology

Ukraine is increasingly reaching the international level, strengthening ties with other countries – especially with Germany: the importance of the German language and the need for specialists with a high level of proficiency in this language are growing significantly. Such specialists have been trained by the Department of German Philology for more than 35 years (previously it was called the Department of German Language). The department conducts thorough training of specialists (specialization 035.043 German languages ​​and literatures (translation included), the first – German) on the educational program “German language and translation” to work in various fields of philology, education, including higher education. Training is carried out at the qualification levels of bachelor and master, considering the new needs in society, which are changing rapidly.

Over the past 20 years, the department has become a prominent phenomenon on the Germanic map of our country. For the first time in Ukraine, the Ph. D. defense in the specialty 10.02.17 – Comparative, Historical and Typological Linguistics was opened here, postgraduate studies in three specialties were opened, All-Ukrainian international seminars and conferences were held, including twice conferences of the Association of Germanists of Ukraine.

Head of the Department

Biletska Olena Vsevolodivna

Cand. Sc. (Philology), Associate Professor, Acting Head of the Department of German Philology, Deputy Dean for Educational and Methodical Work of the Faculty of Foreign Languages of Vasyl Stus Donetsk National University

History of the Department

Until 2014, the well consolidated team of experienced and young teachers was headed by Dr. habil. (Philology), Professor Volodymyr Dmytrovych Kaliushchenko. 3 Doctors habil. and 10 Cand. Sc. (Philology) have worked under his authority.

Academic programs

Specialty 035.043 Germanic languages and literatures (translation included), first – German (German language and translation)

The educational and professional training program provides for the generation of skills and competencies of translators and of teachers of foreign languages and literatures. Teaching of profile disciplines exclusively in foreign languages, use of a self-access-center in the process of teaching, performance of scientific researches in the field of philology, passing of two industrial practices (translation and teaching), possibility of internship abroad.